• We're running a competition to give away a free violin with case and bow - Get involved now!

    So, we're trying something new, something a little different; a bit of fun, but also to prove a point AND someone is genuinely going to win a fantastic top end violin outfit FOR FREE in the process!

    The competition is here for an Antiqued version of the Primavera 200 Violin Outfit.

    So here's how it need to just answer a simple question (you can find the answer by looking at the Primavera 200 Antiqued Outfit in our website) and you'll be contacted if you're the winner!

    Why are we doing this? We'd like to make an important point about the wide range of student violins now available. When I was young there were so few options of new violins, usually dreadful mass-produced violins which sounded and looked awful. Today, the range of options is far bigger I think thank people realise. Our entry level instrument is the Prima 90 Violin Outift for £89.99 (with similar options for Viola and Cello). It's far better than the basic Chinese violins that were availble when I began learning the violin - but it doesn't stop there. We offer SIX violin outfits under £200 in price, and some just above that level, before you'll arrive at more expensive 'serious' instruments that are sold as just the instrument, allowing you to select a bow to match. This offers a wide range of instruments so that no matter your budget, and how seriously someone is taking their studies, there's something that will help them progress and maximise their studies and their ability.

    Why Does This Matter?

    We all know that if you're teaching someone to play a stringed instrument, and the advance in technique by the student doesn't result in an improvement in the sound they can make on a particular instrument, then it's frustrating for the student and the teacher alike. Why play closer to the bridge if the sound doesn't change much?

    This is the main reason behind the options available, and I hope you'll have the chance to look at this. We'd like everyone to get the most out of learning a stringed instrument, whether it's just for fun, or the interest in music runs deeper. There are options for everyone; coloured violins to persuade kids that it's going to be fun, to more serious instruments that will offer a broader range of sounds for someone to produce and enjoy.

    I hope you find something to make the most of someone's studies, whether it's your child or your students - let us know if we can help.


    Robert Adlard

    Founder of

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