• Primavera 100 Cello Outfit


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    An exceptional instrument for students. The Primavera 100 is supplied with both an ebony fingerboard & pegs. Ebony Pegs: Longer lasting, easier to tune, keep tuned & maintain their shape longer.

    Level   Beginner/Student
    Sizes 4/4 to 1/16th
    Bag   Padded High-Vis
    Bow   Hardwood
    Body   Maple & Spruce
    Bridge   Fitted Maple
    Fingerboard   Full Ebony
    Pegs Ebony
    Tailpiece Metal Alloy
    Topnut Ebony
    Strings    Standard Steel 
    4/4 760mm 
    3/4 690mm
    1/2    650mm 
    1/4   580mm
    1/8    550mm 
    1/10    530mm 
    1/16   460mm
Primavera 100 Cello Outfit

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