• Rainbow Fantasia Coloured Violin Outfit


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  • Description

    he Original Coloured Violins - includes violin, case and bow

    Vibrant, eye-catching blue, purple & pink with matching bows as the ideal first outfit. The entry level violin created to encourage new students to take up the violin. They're only young once, so why not indulge them a little add a little colour to the early stages of their violin studies!


    • Sizes 4/4 to 1/4 (1/8 also available in pink only, Blue and Purple in all other sizes listed.
    • Hand carved maple and spruce
    • Ebonised fingerboard, pegs & chinrest
    • Metal alloy tailpiece
    • Matching fibreglass bow
    • Styrofoam shaped case with back pack straps and half music pocket.
    • Fitted with factory standard strings
Rainbow Fantasia Coloured Violin Outfit

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